Modifiable Pikler triangle Mopitri - redesigned!

Modifiable Pikler triangle Mopitri - redesigned!

We are so excited to relaunch the modifiable Pikler triangle Mopitri back in the market! We are thankful to every one of our dear customers who has been waiting for so long and has been so loyal to us and Mopitri!

Many of you have been asking about the changes and the reason behind it. Hopefully, this post will clarify many things.

The safety aspect of our products has been always our top priority and we work daily to improve our products for safer user experience, therefore we decreased the height of the triangle.

The product is CE certified and tested in the laboratory "SGS Institute" in Germany, therefore we can assure that the product is safe for the little climbers who desire to develop their balance and climbing skills. Of course the golden rule "never leave your child unattended" is applied :)

What are the changes in the design?

New design Mopitri has the same 4 segments as previously and the shapes you can create are exactly the same! The only change we have implemented is the length of each segment and the number of wooden rungs in each segment - now the segment is 37cm long and has 3 rungs.

What about the previous version of Mopitri? If I have it at home, is it safe to use?

Yes, sure it is safe to use! The previous version is safe for children and it has given the joy of climbing to more than 4500 little climbers all over the world! The "old" version of Mopitri is tested according to safety standards (EN 71-8 activity toys standards). And the new version of Mopitri fulfills the safety requirements even more confidently.

Will the old version be back again in the future?

No, the old version will not be produced anymore. We have some ideas for new climbing frame designs, but that will be totally different product. Mopitri will remain in the current design with 3 rungs in each segment.

Will it be the same fun for a child?

Sure it will be! First of all, children don't choose the toys according to the toy's height. They choose the toys for the activity the toy can offer - and updated Mopitri offers the same climbing possibilities as before! Still the same fun to climb up and slide down the ramp.

Just look at the few shapes you can create!

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If you still have any concerns regarding the new design and changes, always welcome to contact us for more information!

On behalf of Ette Tete team,

Linda and Krisjanis