Our story

Dear Parent,

Being a mom or a dad is a full-time job – trying to raise a child, while also doing all the chores, cooking and dining. We as parents ourselves can see the everyday struggles that you may encounter. And we understand the importance of finding both functional and safe furniture for your child. Your baby should be your helper, not a burden. We would like to show you that your little one can help you cook, do minute chores and develop essential motor skills. We will show you our own family secrets and we would like you to be the part of our family when using our furniture for children.

We believe in natural child’s development and freedom of movement!

From parent to parent!

Yours sincerely,
Linda & Krišjānis from Ette Tete


Our story

In the summer of 2016, we took the first step in the brand's creation and product development. The first helper towers and cradles were made in the basement of our own house - while I was watching over children on the upper floor, my husband was crafting in the basement. Ette Tete is like a fourth child to us, who grows together with our daughter Mara and sons - Madars and Magnuss.

The brand name of Ette Tete originated from our first child. At the time of the creation of the brand our eldest son was only 2 years old, and he was calling everything “ette, ette, ette”, so this word stuck with us. Tete, on the other hand, is a reference to the father who was making all of the furniture with his own hands. The name is easy to pronounce by kids, and our two kids still call all of our furniture – “ette”.

Each of our products is unique and functional. We do not want to create products just for the sake of, everyone is already overproducing unpractical goods. The design of each product is created to be sustainable, inheritable for future generations, multifunctional and easy to use in everyday life, not to collect dust in a closet. Our products are manufactured with our own unique design, so 2 of our products have internationally patented designs.