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Really impressed with quality and ease of assembly. My daughter loves helping in the kitchen!

Michael B.

This is the best learning tower/desk I’ve come across all my search. It’s beautifully crafted, beautiful to look at, the kids LOVE their tower. They feel happy being in charge, dragging the tower over wherever they want a better view or better access.

Anna P.

The best thing I've bought for her so far! 👍 She loves to sit there and watch her cartoons and loves to watch me and help me cooking. And its amazing for me!

Raquel Z.

We ordered Mopitri for our son's first birthday. He hasn't left it alone since then! Love how you're able to put it in different positions for variety. Our son will enjoy this very much for the next couple of years due to the different options.

Christoph K.

Triangle climber is wonderful. It looks beautifully, it’s very solid and looks/feels durable and our kid loves it! I like the fact that it comes without any plastic parts or wrapping, just paper and cardboard. Thank you, Ette Tete!

Ivan B.

What a great product! Top notch quality, very versatile and lots of fun for our 1.5 year old. It takes a bit to assemble it together, but it only shows how sturdy and secure the whole construction is. Very satisfied and definitely recommend!

Maike M.