About us

Dear Parent,

Being a mom or a dad is a full-time job - trying to raise a child, while also doing all the chores, cooking and dining. We as parents ourselves can see the everyday struggles that you may encounter. And we understand the importance of finding both functional and safe furniture for your child. Your baby should be your helper, not a burden. We would like to show you that your little one can help you cook, do chores and develop essential motor skills. We will show you our own family secrets and we would like you to be the part of our family when using our furniture for children.

We believe in natural child's development and freedom of movement!

From parent to parent!

Yours sincerely,
Linda & Krišjānis from Ette Tete

Company details:

Brand Ette Tete holding company
Snores Ltd

Reg.no. 40203014965
VAT ID: LV40203014965
Legal address / Manufacturing workshop / warehouse:

"Barži". Tinūžu region, Ogre county, LV-5015, Latvia
Bank details: A/S "Swedbank". HABALV22,