About us

Our mission is to help young parents in taking care of their children by creating multi-functional, easy to use, safe and visually beautiful children’s furniture.

Our vision – every child with their own ette.

We are a family business behind the brand Ette Tete that specializes in children’s furniture. The beginning of the brand has started with our own children – as our family grew, so did our need for children’s furniture. We were looking for something that would make both our everyday lives and taking care of our children easier, as well as look beautiful and be easy to use. And of course, it must be safe and natural for children of all ages.

Ette Tete furniture features:

  • Functionality 
  • Elegance in design
  • National identity
  • Helpful for parents
  • Children’s safety

Brand “Ette Tete” holding company SIA Snores was established on 24th August 2016. The production is located in Ikšķile, Latvia. The manufacture workshop area is 400m2.

Supported by public organizations and EU:

Our business is a family startup that has been supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) incubator.

In the 2017 European Development Fund (EDF) and organization “Zied Zeme” helped our business to increase manufacturing capabilities and overheads by providing the budget to purchase our own CNC machine. It gave us an opportunity to produce everything in-house.

In 2018 with the aid of co-investment from EDF we have improved our manufacturing capacities even more with purchase of specialized additional machinery.

The European Regional Development Fund is a fund allocated by the European Union. Its purpose is to transfer money from richer regions and invest it in the infrastructure and services of underdeveloped regions.

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia has the following goals: promoting the competitiveness and export capacity of Latvian companies on the international market, promoting the growth of foreign investment, implementing the national tourism development policy and national innovation policy.

Zied Zeme is an NGO charity organization that aims to connect entrepreneurs and small businesses with government and public institutions for the area and business development, as well as providing social development in local areas.


Company details:

Brand Ette Tete holding company Snores LLC 

Reg.nr. 40203014965

VAT ID: LV40203014965

Legal address: "Barži", Tīnūžu region, Ikšķile county, LV-5015, Latvia

Manufacturing workshop/warehouse: "Barži", Tīnūžu region, Ikšķile county, LV-5015, Latvia

Bank details: