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Balance Beam TipiToo SOLO

Balance Beam TipiToo SOLO

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Color: Ivory White
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The TipiToo SOLO Balance Beam is the perfect companion for your little one's journey of balance and coordination. Crafted with care, this individual balance beam is designed to bring joy and excitement to every step, while promoting essential physical development and nurturing your child's self-confidence.

Each surface provides a different sensory experience, stimulating child’s brain development and engaging their senses as they navigate their way across. Choose between dots or lines surface, or buy them both and connect for even more excitement!

Not only does the TipiToo SOLO Balance Beam offer a world of exploration, but it also doubles the fun with its reversible feature. Simply flip it over, and your child can enjoy a smooth and steady surface for an alternative play experience. This added dimension of adaptability ensures hours of endless excitement and creative playtime.

  • Suggested age - for children who have started walking
  • Balance - benefits child's posture, develops balance and coordination
  • Surfaces - the different surfaces massage child's feet
  • Innovative design - textured and flat sides for cognitive and brain development
  • Open-ended - let your child's imagination fly
  • Upgradable - the beam can be connected with balance beam sets.

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open - ended balance beam

TipiToo brings fun, encourages physical development and boosts child's self-confidence.

TipiToo SOLO

TipiToo SOLO

  • Consists of 1 segment
  • Segment length 115 cm
  • Connection platforms 1 pc
  • Great for any size rooms
  • Price €69.00
TipiToo  MINI

TipiToo MINI

  • Consists of 3 segments
  • Segment length 58 cm
  • Connection platforms 3 pcs
  • Great for small size rooms
  • Price €125.00
TipiToo  MIDI

TipiToo MIDI

  • Consists of 3 segments
  • Segment length 115 cm
  • Connection platforms 3 pcs
  • Great for madium & large size rooms
  • Price €194.00

Minimalistic design & reversible.

All balance beams are available in ivory white and wooden colors, with 2 textures to choose from - dots and lines. The other side is flat for classic balance training.


All SOLO beams can be added to our TipiToo sets.




    27 mm

    (32 1/2 in)

    115 cm

    (45 1/4 in)
SOLO beam includes:
  • One side with horizontally milled lines or dots.
  • One flat side for classic balance training.
  • One (2 halves) connecting platform.

It is possible to add the SOLO beam to all TipiToo sets.

Suggested age

Started Walking


Birch Plywood


Water based UV paint or varnish

How to assemble?

Did you just get the TipiToo balance beam for your little one? No need to stress about assembly. Just grab a snack, sit back, and let our video guide you through the process. Your little one will be standing tall and helping in no time!

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Yes. All products are painted with water-based UV paint and varnish that are non-toxic.

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The recommended age for MOPITRI is 12 months, and helper towers STEP UP and STEP'n'SIT it is 18 months.

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It is possible to personalize the helper towers with a name or a word of your choice. The cost of this service is an additional €8.

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