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Limited Edition 2024 🦍 • MOPITRI® and FIPITRI in forest green

Limited Edition 2024 🦍 • MOPITRI® and FIPITRI in forest green

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Climbing frame: MOPITRI®
Sliding/Climbing ramp: No ramp

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  • Suggested age - 12 months & older
  • Safety - officially certified and safe
  • Curiosity - children will discover climbing and different ways of play each day
  • Creativity - each climb is a new adventure
  • Social sharing - the frame can be shared with other children at the same time
  • Fun - discovering the slide will bring huge amounts of joy
  • Gross motor skills - children develop strength and mobility in arms, legs, back and muscles
  • Independence - your child will start playing more and more without your involvement
  • Natural and plastic free - birch plywood with child-safe varnish, and no plastic in packaging
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Limited edition 2024

a symbol of adventure, curiosity & nature

Encourage your little ones to explore, climb, and imagine, just like little gorilla babies in their natural habitat.

Mountain Gorillas are Endangered 🦍

Mountain Gorillas are Endangered 🦍

There are an estimated only 1,063 in the wild, according to the latest WWF data.

At Ette Tete, we believe in doing things with a purpose. That's why with our Limited Edition 2024, we pledge a monthly $200 donation to Gorilla Doctors.

As the only organization dedicated to conserving mountain and eastern lowland gorillas through veterinary medicine and science, Gorilla Doctors embodies our commitment to protecting endangered species and nature.

Play with Purpose

Play with Purpose

In the lush forests where gorillas roam, climbing isn't just a pastime—it's a way of life. Our Forest Green climbing frames serves as a gentle reminder of the similarities between human children and gorilla babies. Both share a love for exploration, adventure, and the joy of discovery through climbing and play.

By embracing this connection, we not only nurture our children's development but also instill in them a sense of empathy and stewardship for the natural world.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Crafted with sustainability in mind, our climbing frames are more than just a plaything. It's a testament to our commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing and ethical sourcing.

Made from durable, natural materials and finished in a rich forest green non-toxic varnish, each climbing frame is a work of art, blending seamlessly into any modern home while leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

Join the Movement

Join the Movement

By choosing Ette Tete's Limited Edition 2024 climbing frame, you're not just bringing joy to your family—you're supporting a cause.

We believe that together we can make a difference. Join us in our mission to learn more about gorillas and help Gorilla Doctors protect them and their habitats, one climb at a time.

Together, let's inspire a new generation of adventurers and nature lovers!



  • Consists of 4 segments
  • Highest position 60 cm
  • Available add-ons 1 or 2 Ramps, MOFI (becomes FIPITRI)
  • Possible positions 10+
  • Price 182 €


  • Consists of 5 segments
  • Highest position 60 cm
  • Available add-ons 1 or 2 Ramps, Playtent
  • Possible positions 15+
  • Price 226 €
Climbing set

Climbing set

  • Consists of MOPITRI® + FIPITRI
  • Highest position 60 cm
  • Connected with 1 Ramp
  • Available add-ons 1 or 2 Ramps, Playtent, MOFI
  • Possible positions 25+

Just a few positions that can be created with 4 segment climbing triangle MOPITRI®.

Just a few positions that can be created with 5 segment climbing frame FIPITRI.


  • width of the construction

    82,5 cm

    (32 1/2 in)
  • Each segment length

    37,3 cm

    (14 3/4 in)
  • Highest frame position

    60 cm

    (23 3/5 in)
  • Sliding/climbing ramp

    117 x 40 cm

    (46 x 15 3/4 in)
  • Birch rod diameter

    3 cm

    (5 1/5 in)
  • Distance between rods

    12 cm

    ( 15 3/4 x 46 in)
Suggested age

12m +


Birch plywood, birch rods


Water based UV varnish

How to assemble 4 segment climbing triangle MOPITRI®?

For PDF instruction click here

How to assemble 5 segment climbing frame FIPITRI?

For PDF instruction click here

May be the answer is here

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the shipping time and cost?

Our products are made to order and our processing time depends on the actual demand. More detailed information about shipping time and cost is available at our Payments and Shipping page.

Is the paint child safe?

Yes. All products are painted with water-based UV paint and varnish that are non-toxic

What’s the age recommendation?

The recommended age for MOPITRI is 12 months, and helper towers STEP UP and STEP'n'SIT it is 18 months.

What’s the weight limit on your products?

All of our products are certified to withstand 50kg or 110 lbs.

Are your products tested?

All of our helper towers have the following standards and certificates: EN 17191:2021 Children’s Furniture. Seating for children. EN 14183:2003 Step stools EN 12520:2015 Furniture. Strength, durability and safety. The activity toys (climbing frames) are tested and certified under European Union Harmonised Standards Toy Safety regulations that are internationally accepted (directive 2009/48/EC). Safety of toys: EN 71-1 Mechanical and physical properties; EN 71-2 Flammability; EN 71-8 Activity toys for domestic use EN 71-3 Migration of certain elements EN 71-9 Safety of toys Organic chemical compounds

Can I add a personalization?

It is possible to personalize the helper towers with a name or a word of your choice. The cost of this service is an additional €8.

Do products come assembled?

No. Our products come disassembled to reduce the cost of transportation and the possibility of damage done while transporting. And they come with an assembly instruction in paper or video format.

How to store the climbing frame while it is not in use?

Climbing frame can be disassembled by unmounting the handles with the threaded rod. This allows you to divide it into sections, which can be easily stored under a bed/behind a closet and in similar places.

How to clean the helper towers and climbing frames?

You can use a damp cloth to clean all of our products whenever it is needed. Make sure it is completely dry before your child starts to use the product again.

If your child pours some liquid on the item, please clean it off as soon as possible to avoid slipping and traumas, as well as to prevent the possible damage of the product.

Please also note that these products are not for outdoor use and rain, cold or direct sunlight can influence the product longevity.