Production and Sustainability

We appreciate and cherish our planet and understand that manufacturers have a big responsibility in regards to creating products and packaging that doesn’t hurt nature in a sustainable way. It may not be easy, but if we want to live on this green planet for a long time, we need to do it together. This is the reason why we make our products from locally sourced plywood and package it with as little plastic as possible. 

We use Baltic birch plywood for the creation of our furniture, so supporting the local business. This also reduces the greenhouse gas footprint for material deliveries.

Here you can find more detailed technical information on the plywood we use: 

For one of our products - balance beam TipiToo - we use Finish plywood from Koksiken. Follow the link to learn more about their high quality standards and certified plywood at

In our packaging you can find as little plastic as possible. We use paper and cardboard instead of bubble wrap and plastic bags. It’s also additional materials you can use in your open-ended play at home.

Our workshop and business, at the moment, consists of 33 people that are dedicated to create the best furniture, that is not only functional and innovative, but also safe for families to use.

Our vision is "Every child with their own "ette"" and we plan and organize our manufacturing with this in mind. Ette Tete is where the best quality materials meet sustainable design, and innovative solutions!