Emmi Pikler pedagogy

The Pikler pedagogy is based on respectful relationship and kindness between an adult and child. The most important aspects are - tenderness, naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play. Pikler approach emphasizes relationship as a key principle for child development. It is utterly important to show respect, care and tactfulness towards the infant even in early stages. The greatest attention that the child receives is during the time he is being fed, dressed or cleaned, especially in the infancy.

Movement is another very important aspect of development according to this methodology. The way children move, sit, and walk is determined by obstacles and opportunity. Parents should let their baby crawl and climb to develop movement and gymnastics skills naturally from the experience. 

The environment awareness and social awareness are the cornerstones of children development. Parents should focus on that from the beginning and let their baby develop independently and learn new skills herself. That way new skills will be learned even faster.