Montessori pedagogy

Montessori education is the special wave of child-centric pedagogy that focuses on making children participate in everyday activities together with parents from a young age. It will help to develop children physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively. Marie Montessori once said, "The goal of preschool education is to activate the child's natural desire to learn." Only allowing a child to naturally follow their instincts to learn new skills, can help parents encourage their child to learn and to do.

One of the cornerstones of Montessori pedagogy is the child-prepared environment. The child should be given the opportunity to take care of himself according to his age, for example, to dress and wash his hands. If it is not possible to lower the environment to the height of the child, then the child should be able to reach to the necessary level! In order to aid in the daily routine of the parents, a helper tower gives the child the opportunity to safely reach the table, kitchen surfaces and the sink - comes in handy.

By engaging children in daily work today, we can expect children to become more involved in family life, as well as growing up with a higher self-esteem - “yes, I can do it myself”, “I can do it”, “I will succeed”!