Easy Advent calendar activities with children

Easy Advent calendar activities with children

The holiday season has started. For some, it comes together with the first snowflakes, but for some the sun's rays stay warm during all seasons. No matter where you live your family is getting ready for Christmas. 

This month gives everyone a chance to look at how the year is slowly ending and to enjoy the little moments in life that makes us happy. One of them is family and spending quality time together.   

For this year's Advent, we want to give you ideas, how to make every day in December with your children full of love and joy. Feel free to mix the dates or choose what you like from the list, because it’s the time spent together that counts. 

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December 1: Drink Hot Chocolate or Cocoa 

What’s better than a warm drink in the evening while telling each other what good happened today.   

December 2: Write a letter to Santa 

Your children can write or draw it, place it by the window for Santa to see, or send it to him by mail. Let’s see what gift they want this year!  

December 3: Make Christmas cookies 

We all know the perfect smell of home-baked cookies that fill our home and get us in the mood for Christmas…mmmm! Here are 30 recipes you can look for inspiration.  

December 4: Hang Christmas lights 

Lights can be the best part! Maybe that’s why some stay all year round and not only for Christmas. But maybe hanging the lights set your family in the mood for the Christmas season.  

December 5: Name 3 things that make you happy 

It sounds simple, but it can get a little difficult to choose only 3. Ask your children and give them time to think.  

December 6: Make Paper Winter stars or snowflakes 

So many shapes, and so many sizes, and the outcome is always so unique! Here are some ideas for snowflakes to get inspired. 

December 7: Learn to say “Merry Christmas” in 2 other languages 

Will give you a hint - in our country (Latvia) it’s “Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus”.  

December 8: Draw Santa Claus or a Christmas tree 

Santa’s costume doesn’t need to be red and the Christmas tree can be yellow if it’s your child’s favorite color. Let their imagination fly! 

December 9: Prepare your family's favorite recipe 

What’s your child’s favorite dish? Maybe you have your favorite family secret recipe you make on special occasions? You can make it today and make it your special day! 

December 10: Make cards for friends and family 

Everyone will love them no matter what shape, color, or size they will be. They will fill everyone's hearts will warmth and joy.  

December 11: Take a family holiday photo 

Christmas time is perfect for making a photo together each year. And to look at the photo next year and think – “How did they grow up so quickly?”  

December 12: Read a Christmas book/story 

Bedtime stories are a special part of a nighttime routine for many children. It’s a great chance to change the book with some Christmas story. 

December 13: Make shadow theatre in the dark 

It’s a plane! It’s a bird! It’s Santa riding on a camel! Here are some puppet ideas to do with hands. 

December 14: Decorate a Plate for Santa 

Why not make a special plate for a special occasion and special person. 

December 15: Have a family game night 

Of course, for children, it won’t be a night, but the evening before bedtime spent playing a game together can end with a lot of joy and laughter.  

December 16: Watch a Christmas movie 

Home Alone of course is a classic, but maybe it can be too early for your child. Here are some movie ideas for toddlers:  

December 17: Make homemade gifts 

As the same as it is with making cards – everyone will love it no matter what your child makes! Homemade candles, as an idea, can be a great activity to do together with your children. And who doesn’t like candles! Here is how to make them. 

December 18: Christmas Pajama Day 

Did someone say PJ day? Yes!!! 

December 19: Decorate cardboard gingerbread men 

It can be made out of cardboard and decorated with glitters or you can even bake a real gingerbread man with sugar frosting, you choose! 

December 20: Make Salt Dough Ornaments 

It sounds difficult but actually, it isn’t! Here is a nice guide on how to make them.  

December 21: Make a Christmas video  

Pictures are nice, but videos after years will be worth everything! It doesn’t have to be anything special, even just your regular evening can be perfect memories to watch later.  

December 22: Learn a Christmas song 

Oh, there are so many! Maybe your children already know some? You can always learn together a new song! 

December 23: Decorate the tree 

You have waited so long and the best part is finally here!  

December 24: Listen to Christmas Music 

It’s just what you need for Christmas evening. Get cozy, and warm, and enjoy Christmas! 


Thank you for your participation! We hope it was fun and your family had a great time together doing it. We wish your families a happy Christmas and 2023 to be merry & bright! 

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