LIMITED EDITION 2023 – bright helper tower for a bright cause

LIMITED EDITION 2023 – bright helper tower for a bright cause

Limited Edition 2023 is here!

This year we created a very special convertible helper-tower table STEP’N’SIT in a sunny yellow color.

This STEP’N’SIT is more than a beautiful and bright color. We dedicate this color to all Ukrainian families and children who are affected by the current events happening in Ukraine. 

Our brand is based in Latvia and our countries history and experience has taught us the importance of supporting our neighbors in times of need. That's why we feel it's important to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 

Let’s bring awareness together.

Each purchase matters

From each purchase of the Limited Edition 2023, we’re donating 10 € to support families and children in Ukraine affected by the current events.


"Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine who have been impacted by the conflict. We believe that it is our responsibility to support them in any way that we can," says Linda Riekstina-Snore, our co-founder.

We hope that our contribution with your support by purchasing the Limited Edition 2023 STEP’N’SIT will make a small but meaningful and positive impact on the lives of those affected by the conflict.

A gift with every purchase of Limited Edition 2023

Everyone who will purchase the Limited Edition 2023 STEP’N’SIT will receive A GIFT from us as a thank you for supporting the cause.

We created a little cookbook with tradititional Ukrainian recipes for families all around the world to discover the wonderful Ukrainian cousine.


Ukrainian cousine is known for its hearty, flavorful dishes that reflect the country’s rich cultural and culinary heritage. It has something to offer for every taste. There are recipes that have been passed down trough generations of Ukrainian families. 

We invite everyone to discover this delicious world of Ukrainian cuisine together with children and helper tower-table STEP’N’SIT will be a perfect addition to it.

#CookForUkraine with us 

With Limited Edition 2023 we are supporting the #CookForUkraine movement. #CookForUkraine aims to increase awareness of the humanitarian crisis the world faces right now, as well as raise the funds needed to aid children & families in Ukraine who have been displaced by the current situation.

We saw that this is an important opportunity for us to also join this movement and show our support to Ukraine.

“Let’s cook for peace, for freedom, for truth, for common sense, for rational thought and for love.”  – Alissa Timoshinka

Since the events in Ukraine, hundreds of people from different backgrounds and nationalities have reached out and shown their solidarity by joining this initiative – including top chefs, award-winning food writers, restaurant owners and home cooks – cooking, baking and sharing Ukrainian and Eastern European inspired dishes at their restaurants with their guests, at home with their friends and across social media with their family and followers.

Let’s bring awareness together 

We invite all families and their little helpers to #CookForUkraine together with us.

Share your cooking on Instagram or Facebook, mentioning us (IG: @ettetete FB:

And we hope that the small cookbook we created will serve as an inspiration!

Hashtags to use: #CookForUkraine #ettetete #StandWithUkraine

The donations

From each purchase of Limited edition 2023, we’re donating 10 € to support families and children in Ukraine affected by the current events. 

The funds raised through this campaign will be donated to a Latvian charity organization that is working to support the people of Ukraine. 

More information about the organization you can find here. 

You can also donate by using local charity organizations in your country who are helping to support Ukraine. Here will be a link for the organizations that are part of the #CookForUkraine movement.


We thank everyone who will purchase the Limited Edition 2023 convertible helper tower-table STEP’N’SIT.

The bright and sunny color will bring a lot of joy to your child and encourage independace and self-esteem.

Bright helper tower for a bright cause!

#CookForUkraine #ettetete #StandWithUkraine

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